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Are you tired of dealing with a big bulk chastity cage? Are you looking for a small chastity cage? The Vice Mini can and will resolve these problems for you. Giving you the same comfort and security as The Vice Standard, The Vice Mini provides you with the snug fit you desire in a small chastity cage. And if you're a locked sissy, this is the perfect cage for you! You can get a pink chastity cage of The Vice Mini to give yourself your own sissy chastity cage! Looking to sissify your cage even more? Bedazzle it with one of our crystal padlocks! This small chastity cage uses all of the same components of The Vice standard. You will get to take advantage of the same revolutionary anti-pullout technology, in a smaller package; meaning your locked sissy isn't going anywhere! A common problem with a sissy chastity cage is having the member "turtle" into the body making an easy escape. The Vice Mini, with the right anti-pullout, will prevent your locked sissy clitty from going anywhere! Most importantly, The Vice Mini comes in a variety of colors! The most popular is the pink chastity cage; however, we also have our small chastity cage available in Clear, Chrome, and Purple! Also, keep your eyes out for limited edition colors we will release from time-to-time. The Vice Mini also includes a handful of different sizes with every device, therefore giving you personalized customization for maximum comfort and security. It's time to enjoy a sissy chastity cage that offers the true inescapable chastity experience! Cage - Length - 40 mm (1.5 inches) Width - 36 mm (1.4 inches) Rings - Small - 40 mm ,Medium - 44 mm,Large - 46.5 mm,X-Large - 48.5 mm Anti-Pullout Gap - Small - 17 mm,Medium - 19 mm,Large - 21 mm Pullout Cap - Wear the device without any anti-pullout Locking Pin/Spacers (distance of ring from cage) - Small - 6.5 mm,Medium - 10 mm,Large - 13 mm,X-Large - 15 mm Materials: Body safe Polycarbonate One year warranty

Locked In Lust The Vice Mini - Chrome Locked In Lust The Vice Mini - Chrome

SKU: LIL8090
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