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SMARTBALLS UNO - HAVE A BALL Kegels for all! We cut the classic SMARTBALLS design in half, making a Kegel weight that beginners, folks with a tilted uterus, and anyone who's had a hysterectomy can use comfortably. Just hold the SMARTBALL inside and go about your business, or do your usual squeeze-and-release Kegel exercises around it for a more intense workout. The weighted ball inside will bump and roll as you move, making your muscles work even harder and bringing stronger orgasms into your life that much faster. Fun facts: 1) The muscles in your pelvic floor contract when you orgasm. 2) A stronger pelvic floor can mean bigger orgasms. 3) Using those muscles to hold a weighted ball inside your vagina strengthens them. Size: 1.4 in The "EASY IN"-finger mould allows for easy insertion of the SMARTBALLS. Wear for up to 30 minutes at a time Designed and handcrafted in Germany

Fun Factory Smartballs Uno - White/India Red

SKU: FUN33135
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