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Happy Holidays from my family to yours.

Hello everyone,

This year has been good and bad for all of us. lets just be real 2020 has been a shit show and dumpster fire rolled in one. Between staying home and not having the option to have fun has put all of us in a funk.(my self included) I really must apologize for the lack of posts this year. I promise to engage better here especially for all of you. Next year brings a lot of change, hopes and dreams of bringing a real life store front and much more. We as a company have made it a year. what a hell of a year for sure.

we are excited to bring you a lot more classes. in person events and a grand opening party.(when this pandemic allows us to engage again in person.) please be safe and do what ever is needed for self care and wellness. we will get through this. Love, Scarletletter .Boutique

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